Kitesurfing course Discovery

1-day course

Kitesurfing course Discovery

1 day
Max 3 persons
3 hours
from 119,-per person

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Including the use of all kitesurfing materials, wetsuit, lifejacket and poncho to keep you warm after the kitesurfing lesson.

Especially for the enthusiastic beginner who wants to experience an unforgettable eXperience in the magical world of kitesurfing.

Discovery package includes:

  • Introduction about wind, water, beach and the different kitesurfing matrials
  • Set up, launch and pilot a trainer kite on land
  • Safety instructions and signs
  • Bodydragging, are you ready for the kick?
  • Your first water-start!

KiteXperience teaches as it would like to be taught. All you need for this kitesurfing class is good health and a positive attitude.